Corporate Policies

PREMIUM LEISURE CORP.’s corporate policies were created to supplement its Manual on Corporate Governance and Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. The Company regularly reviews and updates these policies to ensure it keeps up with current best practices.

The Company uses a whistle-blowing policy, which employees, customers, shareholders and stakeholders can make use of to report questionable activities, unethical conduct, fraud or malpractice by mail, phone or electronic mail in strictest confidentiality to allay fears of retaliation. The Company’s Head of Corporate Governance (CG) shall establish the materiality and validity of all whistle-blower reports. Reports may also be submitted to any Department Head of the Company.  The Head of CG shall endorse the report to the Ethics Committee (Management level) for further investigation if the report is deemed well-substantiated.  On the other hand, if the report is deemed unsupported, the Head of CG shall inform the whistle-blower of the status of the report within 24 hours from receipt of the assessment. All disclosures, statuses and resolutions shall be regularly reported to the CG Committee.

Reports may be submitted to the:

Head, Governance Department
Premium Leisure Corp.
5th Floor, Tower A, Two E-Com Center,
Palm Coast Avenue, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
e-mail address:
Tel. No: (+632) 8662-8888


PLC also has in place an Insider Trading Policy. This policy prohibits the Company’s directors, officers, and employees from using privileged company information for personal gain. Click here to view Trading of PLC shares.




Customer Welfare. PLC recognizes that the core of its business is its customers, and values customer satisfaction and loyalty. Thus, all directors, officers and employees shall be guided by fairness, professionalism, courtesy and respect when dealing with customers, and shall endeavor to provide excellent and diligent service at all times. No false or misleading information shall be provided to customers.

Likewise, PLC is committed to protect the safety and security of its customers. Accordingly, the Company shall undertake to keep its premises well-secured, and continuously implement ways to eliminate hazards that would pose threats to the safety of its customers.

Environmentally Friendly Value Chain. PLC shall endeavor to adhere to sustainable practices that ensure the protection of the environment, and shall seek to deliver maximum growth with minimal and responsible consumption of natural resources. In partnership with its parent company, Belle Corporation, it shall support activities such as water and energy conservation, waste recycling and upcycling that lead to the protection and preservation of Mother Earth for the benefit of the future generation. PLC shall endeavor to adhere to sustainable practices that ensure the protection of the environment, and shall seek to deliver maximum growth with minimal and responsible consumption of natural resources as it complies with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Community Interaction. 

The Company respects relevant laws and/or regulations in the community where the Company operates. Compliance with those laws and regulations is strictly monitored to prevent any damage to the quality of life of society, surrounding communities and the environment. The Company has also introduced initiatives on health, education, livelihood and social services to improve the quality of lives of its host and other communities.

In coordination with Belle, PLC shall participate in charitable causes and community organizations thru Belle Corporation’s corporate social responsibility arm, Belle Kaagapay, to help improve the quality of life of the communities where it operates, through education, environment protection, social services, and health care and livelihood programs.

In partnership with Melco Resorts and Entertainment (Philippines) Corporation (MRP) to address issues in the communities requiring the most attention such as health and overall welfare, their charitable arm, Melco Resorts (Philippines) Foundation Corp. (“MRP Foundation”), led the way in providing critical support and implementing programs that equip stakeholders with resources for their respective needs.

The MRP Foundation signed a memorandum of agreement with Operation Smile Philippines (OSP), an international medical charity, and donated Php3 million for OSP’s Community Health Assistance Program. The donation was undertaken through the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (PAGCOR), the gaming regulator of CODM, a casino licensee operated by MRP. The program has been hosted at Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital, the government’s largest maternity hospital. It focused on resolving public health issues namely, cleft deformity and infant and maternal mortality.

The MRP Foundation with the support of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) completed the new Php1.2 billion state-of-the-art PSG Station Hospital for the Presidential Security Group (PSG). President Rodrigo Duterte formally inaugurated this two-story, 51-bed hospital in November 2021.

Safeguarding Creditors’ Rights. The Company upholds the rights of creditors through the timely and accurate disclosure of material information, including, but not limited to, earnings results and significant risks that may materially impact the Company’s ability to comply with loan payments and covenants.

Activities done to demonstrate implementation of the above policy are the timely and proper disclosures on the Audited Financial Statements, publication and accessibility of Annual Reports in the Company headquarters.