• To create opportunities for growth through strategic and lucrative investments and to enhance shareholder value for PLC’s partners and investors
    • Declaration of regular dividends of at least 80% of the prior year’s unrestricted retained earnings, taking into consideration the Company’s operating result, cash flow, regulatory requirements and other factors.
    • Adoption of good governance practices, and being assessed as one of the top 100 Philippine PLCs scoring above 90% in the annual ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard.
    • Endeavor to realize increases in net income, surpassing operating perfomance in 2015-2016, by continuous exercise of financial prudence and undertaking of business risks only upon careful study and evaluation.
  • To promote mutually beneficial relationship with all the stakeholders that is grounded on transparency, integrity and respect and to enhance the quality of life of the communities it serves
    • Participation in activities that uplift the quality of life in surrounding communities thru coordination with Belle Kaagapay, which is Belle Corporation’s corporate social responsibility arm. Such activities include joining the DepEd’s Brigada Eskwela, feeding programs, medical&dental/eye&ear missions, tree-planting and livelihood programs.