Presentation to Investors

Premium Leisure Corp. encourages shareholders and institutional investors to engage with the Company after ASM through continuous dialogue at one-on-one meetings, conference calls,  and electronic mails. The President and CEO attend local and international conferences and roadshows to meet with institutional investors. The Finance Department discloses financial results and press releases through the corporate website and the PSE Edge. The Company communicates with media and analysts on a regular basis through briefings, news and press releases, electronic mails and social gatherings as well as the annual shareholder meetings (ASM). On April 22, 2019, PLC held a media briefing immediately after the ASM to apprise the press on the Company’s results of operations and plans for the near future.


Date Location Title
April 2022 - Presentation to Investors (April 2022)
August 2021 - Presentation to Investors (August 2021)
November 2020 - Presentation to Investors (November 2020)